It’s Christmas time again. Another year is coming to a close. Another decade actually is coming to a close. 

Has this been a good year for you or not so much?  I am sure some have had struggles others triumphs.  Either way we have grown in some way I am sure.  It may not have been the year you had planned but I bet in the end it turned out just fine.  I love the saying “We make plans and God laughs.”  Yep, we are not in control of a darn thing. You know that right??  We aren’t.  We can trust and put your faith in a higher power and things usually do work out the way they are supposed to work out when they are supposed to. 

For some the holidays are very difficult times too.  Myself included. I lost my brother 36 years ago on December 7th to cancer.  My life has never the same.  So we get through this time and wish for it to just be over.  Remember not everyone may feel your joy this time of year. 

Let’s look to the New Year with endless possibilities, new adventures. Yes there will be struggles too I am sure.  But as we grow we become stronger and better able to deal with those struggles life throws at us.  So let’s hold our heads high and know that no matter what everything will be OK!!! 

I leave you with this wish for you now at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

May you be filled with love and kindness.

May you be well.

May you be peaceful and at ease.

May you be happy.