Wellness check ups for your pets. Should you spend the money on these or not?  I think yes, though it can be very expensive. I just spent $500.00 for 2 dogs.  Yes, you read that right. Thank goodness for my care credit card as now I have a year to pay that off. 

Of course you have the exam charge but I also did senior blood panels plus a heart worm test on both dogs.  Both dogs CBC came back fine except my oldest dog had a change in one of her liver values that we will keep an eye on. It is indicative of a dog her age, she will be 14 in December. 

The heart worm test now has 3 other tests for the tick borne diseases.  One being Lyme disease.  I have NOT vaccinated my dogs for Lyme disease for a long time. The interesting part is they still have antibodies in their system to protect them from the disease. However, I am told that even with the vaccine and antibodies they can still get the disease but it far less likely.  

This leads me to discuss with you titer testing.  That is a blood test for antibodies in your dog's blood stream to protect against diseases.  You can have titer testing done for parvo/distemper and others I think. Rabies is one however they do not allow titer testing for yet anyway.  Though I believe they should.

  Many vets will discourage you from doing the titer test as it "expensive", as opposed to "just vaccinating".  If my dog doesn't need more vaccines in their body then why should I give it to them. 

Now, I am NOT a vet and I am NOT telling you should NOT vaccinate your pets!!  I am saying however to ask your vet about it.  We are learning that these vaccines do indeed stay in our bodies.  We as humans get vaccinated as babies and we don't need to have MORE vaccines every year right??!! Then why should our pets????   

Just some "food for thought" for you all.  Be your pets advocates and ask questions.